A downloadable game for Windows


"Arrows" - Move the Character

"C" - Opens Craft and Build Menu. (Just open it.)

"E" Leaving the boat


Item Collection System (Pseudo-Inventory)
Now it is possible to collect the items for the scenario and drop them too, without any problem.

Pie Menu
Also known as Menu Pizza, it was the menu style that we chose to be part of the final version of the Game.

Feature Icons Swapped by New Illustrations
An update was made to the Icon Illustrations that represent the features in the Game.

New UI for Status Bars
Cleaner design for the Character Status Bars, here we start to reduce some of the visual pollution and make the bars a bit more elegant, modern and clean.


1 - Boat walking on land.
2 - Boat shaking while sailing.
3 - Character swimming on land.
4 - On leaving the boat character stands in the water.

XP System and Character Level.
Test Enemies to Level Up

Note: The Vacôncio (The Cow) continues walking on the waters, because he is a god.

Note 2: The Game is still in the Independent Development stage. The features presented are only mechanical, the prototype still has no goals.

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Install instructions

Just open and enjoy!


Survive It - 0.0.7.exe 48 MB